Waterfalls in Iceland

Exploring the Majestic Waterfalls of the Land of Fire and Iceland

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Best Waterfalls in IcelandWaterfalls

Top 10 Best Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is world-renowned for its bubbling volcanoes and pure glaciers, hence the nickname "Land of Fire and Ice." The two combine to form some of the largest and most exquisite waterfalls humanity has ever seen. With over 10,000 waterfalls to explore, you have no excuse for not visiting at least one before you depart. Should you be at a loss for which ones are worth checking out, refer to this list of the top 10 est waterfalls in iceland.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Michael Baikepi
By Michael BaikepiJun 4, 2024 • 11 min read
A stunning view of Svartifoss Waterfall in Iceland illuminated by bright sunlight.Waterfalls

Hike to the Stunning Svartifoss in Iceland

Svartifoss, or the 'Black Waterfall', is an exquisite natural wonder tucked away in the Vatnajökull National Park of Iceland. Known for its distinctive basalt columns and cascading water, this waterfall is a must-see for nature lovers and travelers.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJun 28, 2023 • 6 min read
The mighty Dettifoss waterfall, Europe's most powerful waterfall, mesmerizing visitors with its sheer power and beautyWaterfalls

Visit the Powerful Dettifoss Waterfall

The second most powerful waterfall in Europe, after the famous Rhine Falls in Switzerland, is Dettifoss Waterfall in Northern Iceland. The waterfall is 147 feet or 44 meters high and 328 feet wide or 99 meters, which is also why it is sometimes referred to as “The Beast”. Not only due to its size but also because of its comparison to “The Beauty” of Godafoss, which is another sensational waterfall. Dettifoss is one of the most visited waterfalls in the country, and we are going to tell you everything you need to know before you go!

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJun 14, 2023 • 9 min read
Panoramic view of Dynjandi WaterfallWaterfalls

Marvel at the Beauty of Dynjandi Waterfall

The Westfjords are located in Iceland’s remote lands and the area has so much untouched beauty! This includes the infamous Jewel of the Westfjords, also known as Dynjandi Waterfall, the largest waterfall in this region. We are going to tell you where it is located and how you can visit Dynjandi in Iceland.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistMay 26, 2023 • 5 min read
Panoramic view on the Godafoss waterfall and its green landscapes ,accompanied by a beautiful sunsetWaterfalls

Experience the Majestic Godafoss Waterfall

Welcome to the land of fire and ice! Iceland, with its breathtaking landscapes and stunning natural formations, is a traveler's paradise. One of its crowning jewels is the Godafoss waterfall. Interested in visiting? Let's explore this beautiful attraction.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistMar 14, 2023 • 7 min read
Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland during sunny day.Waterfalls

Discover Seljalandsfoss: Iceland's Waterfall Gem

Iceland's stunning waterfall. Essential travel tips, detailed maps, and key info for a truly memorable journey await you.

Witness a breathtaking waterfall: walk behind it, feel the refreshing mist, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Witness a remarkable gem in the land of fire and ice, Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss, on Iceland's Ring Road, is a stunning 196 ft (60 meter) tall waterfall, showcasing natural beauty. A key highlight of this famous waterfall is the path that lets visitors walk behind its cascading waters.

Seljalandsfoss and its surroundings, like the beautiful Seljalands River, draw people from all over the world. If you love nature or crave adventure, this is a place you’ve got to see!

Start your adventure, where you can create lasting memories among South Iceland's stunning waterfalls. Come with us to a place that shows the magic and beauty of nature.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJul 14, 2022 • 10 min read