Midsize & Family
Rental Cars in Iceland

Midsize vehicles from Go Car Rental are just what you need for a comfy and spacious cruise around Iceland. Stretch out those legs and pack up all your goodies because these cars have got plenty of room. Safety is always a priority, which is why our cars come equipped with all the latest features to give you peace of mind on your journey.

Whether you want to walk the black sand beaches in South Iceland or visit the Giantess in her cave, we’ve got you covered. Our midsize family rental cars are a great way to get to the many magical locations across Iceland. Midsize vehicles are perfect for those looking to drive comfortably with safety as a priority. Go Car Rental offers a large variety of midsize vehicles for hire, fitting every budget and all rental cars come with unlimited mileage and insurance included.

Our Midsize and Family Cars

A midsize rental car from Go Car Rental effortlessly cruising through the magnificent landscapes of Iceland

Why Choose
Go Car Rental for Your Midsize and Family Cars Rental in Iceland

Renting midsize and family cars in Iceland is simple with Go Car Rental. Whether you need to pick up the car in Reykjavik, be picked up and dropped off at the airport or some combination of the two, we have got you covered. Go Car Rental is your local car hire in Iceland.

Affordable and Fuel Efficient Midsize Vehicles

Our midsize and family car rental prices include insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance, giving Go Car Rental customers as much as possible out of their car rental experience.

No Hidden Fees

All Go Car Rental fees includes free cancellation, 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance, online check-in and a self-service option so there are no hidden fees to pop up when you least expect it.

Free Cancellation Policy

Book your midsize car rental through Go Car Rental and cancel within 24 hours before pickup, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent an intermediate car in Iceland?

Intermediate or midsize cars are great for families or small groups traveling in Reykjavik and into the Icelandic countryside (not the highlands).

Where can I rent a midsize car in Iceland?

Midsize cars are available for rent in Iceland from Go Car Rental.

How many suitcases can fit in a midsize car?

Depending on the specific model, a midsize car can hold from 3-5 bags.

Is there a difference between a midsize and an intermediate car?

No, there isn’t a difference between a midsize and intermediate car.

What is the minimum age to rent a midsize vehicle in Iceland?

The minimum age to rent a car in Iceland is 20 years old with the driver having held a license for at least one year.

What is included in my midsize car rental with Go Car Rental Iceland?

Every Go Car Rental includes free cancellation, 24/7 roadside assistance, zero deposit, insurance, online check-in and a self-service option.