4x4 SUV
Rental Cars in Iceland

Are you ready for the ultimate Iceland adventure? Our 4x4 SUV Iceland rental cars are the perfect match for those seeking the road less traveled. These bad boys are built tough and ready to handle almost anything that comes your way while traveling in Iceland. Whether you're exploring the the highland mountain roads, cruising through the city, or the ring road, our 4x4 SUVs will get you there in style and comfort.

Most of Iceland's hidden gems are located in the Highlands. Fortunately, you can go see them for yourself during your next trip to Iceland. A lot of these locations can only be accessed by F-Roads, which means you legally need a 4X4 vehicle to get to them. A 4X4 vehicle will be your best friend during these remote adventures. They are built to take on the gravel roads and rougher terrain that you will encounter on an F-road. We have plenty of options for you to choose from! Pick your favorite adventure car from our list of 4X4 vehicles.

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