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From Fishing to Hiking, An Adventure for Every Traveler

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Up Close with Giants: Whale Watching in Iceland

Imagine standing on the deck of a boat, feeling the crisp Icelandic breeze on your face, as you witness majestic whales breaching the surface of the water. This unforgettable experience can be yours when you embark on a whale watching adventure in Iceland, a unique destination home to over 20 different whale species and a rich marine ecosystem. Are you ready to explore the magic of whale watching in Iceland? Let’s dive into this ultimate guide!

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Aron Freyr
By Aron FreyrNov 7, 2023 • 10 min read
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Fishing Delights: Exploring the Waters of Iceland

Calling all Fishermen! You can travel to Iceland and fish in the country's lakes, rivers, and even the deep blue sea. Iceland is known for its charming fishing villages and high-quality fish. So can you fly here and catch your own dinner? Yes, you can, but there are rules and regulations that you will need to follow. We are going to share a variety of tips and tricks so you can fish responsibly in Iceland.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistApr 13, 2023 • 12 min read
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6 Activities in Iceland for Adrenaline Junkies

You know that tingly sensation of excitement, that pulsating heartbeat when faced with a thrill? Welcome, adrenaline junkies! If your idea of a vacation is more than just relaxing, but an opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping, then this is for you.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistOct 22, 2022 • 8 min read
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Surf's Up: Enjoying the Waves in Iceland

You are breathing in the salty air, waves breaking, and a surfboard beneath your feet. You are ready to enjoy the open ocean, so you’re obviously in Iceland right? While Hawaii, Australia, and California may have been where your mind was headed, you are very wrong. Iceland actually has a popular and secret surfing scene. But it is quite different from surfing on summer islands in the warm sun. Let’s talk about how the surfing scene was established in Iceland, when to go and where to find the best surfing spots.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJun 28, 2022 • 6 min read
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Adventures Await: Unforgettable Experiences in Iceland

Iceland is a country unlike any other, brimming with adventure. There are volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls, vast fjords, and tiny towns, all of them backed by some out-of-this-world scenery. Every year, visitors to this little island nation outnumber the locals six-to-one, but it’s still easy to find your own slice of Icelandic paradise. From bucket-list-worthy natural spectacles to hiking across the epic landscapes, here are the best things to do in Iceland. And for those planning a trip, don’t forget about a car rental in Iceland.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistApr 29, 2022 • 15 min read