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Model: 2024




2 Bags
7 Passengers



Kia Sorento 4x4 (Automatic)

Get ready to experience luxury like never before with the 2024 Kia Sorento. This SUV is all about comfort and style, with a beautifully crafted interior that's perfect for every journey. Sink into the soft leather seats and enjoy the spaciousness of a cabin designed with your relaxation in mind.

With room for up to seven passengers, including the option for extra seats or more cargo space, the Kia Sorento ensures everyone travels in comfort. And with features like a power inverter, parking sensors, and heated seats, every drive is a breeze.

Whether you're cruising around town or heading out on a road trip, the 2024 Kia Sorento offers luxury, space, and convenience at every turn. It's time to elevate your driving experience with the Kia Sorento.

Hire a Kia Sorento or Similar in Iceland

Book our Kia Sorento today and discover the possibility of enjoying our comparable model, the Nissan X-Trail, within the same versatile category.

Kia Sorento is allowed on F-roads (highlands) in Iceland, but it's important to remember that off-road driving is illegal in Iceland.

Technical Data

Fuel Type


Fuel Consumption

6 l/100km | 47 mpg

Fuel Tank

67 l | 18 gal

Fuel Range

750 km | 466 mi


165 g/km