NatureWaterfallsDiscover Seljalandsfoss: Iceland's Waterfall Gem
Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland during sunny day.
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Discover Seljalandsfoss: Iceland's Waterfall Gem

Iceland's stunning waterfall. Essential travel tips, detailed maps, and key info for a truly memorable journey await you.

Witness a breathtaking waterfall: walk behind it, feel the refreshing mist, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Witness a remarkable gem in the land of fire and ice, Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss, on Iceland's Ring Road, is a stunning 196 ft (60 meter) tall waterfall, showcasing natural beauty. A key highlight of this famous waterfall is the path that lets visitors walk behind its cascading waters.

Seljalandsfoss and its surroundings, like the beautiful Seljalands River, draw people from all over the world. If you love nature or crave adventure, this is a place you’ve got to see!

Start your adventure, where you can create lasting memories among South Iceland's stunning waterfalls. Come with us to a place that shows the magic and beauty of nature.

How to Reach This Waterfall

Leaving from Reykjavik, embark on your journey along Route 1 or the South Coast road, reveling in Iceland's breathtaking landscapes along the way. For an alternate route, consider taking road 249 for a scenic drive. Upon arrival, you'll discover convenient parking lots available, offering seamless access to this natural marvel.

Once at the site, be enchanted by the mesmerizing interplay of light beams dancing upon the cascading waters. Whether opting for rental cars or guided tours to Seljalandsfoss, travelers can effortlessly explore this enchanting destination. It's worth noting that there may be a parking fee, contributing to the preservation of this magnificent waterfall for all visitors.

Distance from Reykjavik

Now, you may wonder, how far is Seljalandsfoss waterfall from Reykjavik? The answer is around 10 kilometers or approximately a 2-hour drive from Iceland's capital.

Best Time for a Waterfall Visit

Much like a character in a story, changes beautifully with each season, each time offering a unique charm. In summer, the waterfall turns into a picture-perfect sight with bright rainbows under the midnight sun. Winter brings a mystical feel, sometimes with the Northern Lights adding a magical touch to the scene.

For an memorable encounter, aim to visit during the summer months, spanning from June to August. Enjoy the midnight sun's golden light on the waterfall and nearby Eyjafjallajökull glacier during this time. Enjoy the long days and nice weather, perfect for exploring around the waterfall and its trails, with lots of chances for great photos.

Enthusiasts of popular culture particularly favor summer excursions, finding them reminiscent of the thrilling adventures witnessed on the Amazing Race. Summer is memorable, whether you're a nature lover, hiker, or just want to see something beautiful.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in the wintertime with snow around it

Suggested Duration at This Icelandic Waterfall

Typically, visitors spend 1-2 hours here. However, how long you choose to stay depends on the weather, your love for nature, and photography skills. Worth taking the time to fully immerse in the beauty of this place.

The Hidden Gem: Gljúfrabúi Waterfall

Just a short walk from Seljalandsfoss lies its less-known yet equally stunning neighbor, Gljúfrabúi. This hidden gem, nestled in a rocky alcove, offers peace and a one-of-a-kind waterfall adventure. A small stream at the entrance adds to the excitement, making waterproof boots a must for visitors.

Map showing where gljufrabui is and where seljalandsfoss waterfall is located with rental cars parked around

Inside, you'll see water tumbling from a 40-meter cliff into a calm pool, surrounding you in a cool mist. Sight and experience that round off a visit, proving that sometimes, the best treasures lie off the beaten path.

A person watching the hidden Gljúfrabúi Waterfall in iceland

What to Pack for a Visit to Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrabúi

Getting ready the right way is super important to have the best time here and at Gljúfrabúi. Here's what you should consider packing:

  1. Weather-appropriate Clothing: The weather in Iceland can be changeable, so layering is key. Summer calls for a light raincoat, and in winter, layer up with thermals, a heavy jacket, and rain pants.
  2. Waterproof Boots: Needed for walking in winter snow or crossing summer streams to Gljúfrabúi waterfall, good sturdy boots are key.
  3. Camera Equipment: With the spectacular views on offer, a camera is a must. Don't forget to pack additional batteries or a portable charger, as the cold can drain batteries quickly.
  4. Pack snacks and water: There are few shops by the waterfalls, so it's good to have your own, especially if you'll be there for a while.
  5. Extra Pair of Socks: With the waterfall's mist and the stream at gljufrabui waterfall, your feet might get wet. An extra pair of socks can come in handy. Keep in mind, for a good visit, stay comfy, drink water, and prepare for weather changes.
woman wearing a yellow rain jacket near seljalandsfoss waterfall in iceland

Celebrity Sightings

As one of Iceland's most iconic natural wonders, Seljalandsfoss is no stranger to celebrity visits. Its picturesque landscapes serve as a magnet for stars seeking inspiration or a break from their hectic schedules. Here are a couple of noteworthy celebrity sightings:

  1. Justin Bieber: The famous singer put this waterfall on the map in his 2015 music video for I'll Show You. The video shows Bieber exploring the beautiful Icelandic scenery, making this spot more famous, especially among his fans.
  2. Geri Halliwell: The ex-Spice Girl, also known as Ginger Spice, visited this waterfall on her Iceland trip. The singer shared her awe-inspiring experiences and stunning photographs with her followers on social media.

Seeing a celebrity here is unlikely, but the waterfall's beauty alone is a draw for all visitors.

Can you walk behind the waterfall?

Yes, you can walk behind the waterfall. This famous Icelandic waterfall offers a unique experience: you can walk behind the falling water for an amazing view. The path behind the waterfall is relatively easy to navigate, but be prepared to get wet from the mist and spray. Truly memorable experience to see the world from behind a powerful natural wonder.

Are there any hiking trails near?

Yes, there are several hiking trails near Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland. A favorite choice is the trail at this waterfall, letting hikers get close to its stunning beauty. Another nearby trail is the Gljúfrabúi waterfall trail, which takes hikers through a narrow canyon to a hidden waterfall. Both of these trails offer breathtaking views and a chance to experience the beauty of Iceland's natural landscapes.

Want to see more, this waterfall is near the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve, with many hiking trails through rough landscapes and beautiful views. Hikers can pick from easy, short trails or tougher ones that offer wide views of glaciers, volcanoes, and green valleys. You can enjoy many scenic trails around this waterfall, whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker.

Chasing Waterfalls

Embark on a breathtaking adventure, one of Iceland's most iconic waterfalls. As you chase the cascading waters, nature's sheer beauty and power will mesmerize you. This waterfall is special because you can walk behind it in a cave, giving you a unique and up-close view of its beauty.

Walking around you'll love the dreamy feel and the calming sound of the water. Take in the awe-inspiring views and feel the mist on your skin as you explore the enchanting landscape. This adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, sure to give you lasting memories and a new love for nature's wonders.

Don't miss the chance to witness the magic, a true gem of Iceland's natural wonders. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, nature lover, or adventure seeker, this iconic waterfall promises to leave you spellbound. Join us on a journey of discovery and let the enchanting beauty of Seljalandsfoss take your breath away.

Nature's Beauty Unveiled: Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

Is a stunning waterfall located in Iceland, known for its sheer beauty and unique features. The waterfall is a sight to behold, with its impressive 60-meter drop, creating a mesmerizing display of cascading water. Is unique because visitors can walk behind its waterfall, making for an memorable and immersive experience. The nearby greenery and cliffs add to this attraction's beauty, making it a top spot for nature lovers.

You will see nature's true beauty in the raw power and elegance of this natural wonder. The changing light and shadows highlight the waterfall's magical beauty, creating a captivating, enchanting atmosphere. When the water hits the pool below, a fine mist rises, giving the surrounding landscape a magical feel. Seen from afar or up close, always makes a lasting impact on everyone who sees its grandeur.

Seljalandsfoss is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, with its towering cascade and picturesque surroundings. This waterfall attracts tourists and photographers worldwide, thanks to its easy access and unique qualities. Is a must-visit for its sheer beauty and the chance to see it up close, perfect for those who love natural wonders.

Behind the Cascade

Nestled within Iceland's scenic landscapes, Seljalandsfoss waterfall beckons as a captivating treasure awaiting discovery. As you approach its cascading waters, nature's sheer beauty and power will mesmerize you, displayed in all its glory.

Going behind the waterfall, you'll feel the spray and hear the water's powerful sound, making for an immersive experience. Be careful on the slippery rocks and narrow paths, and enjoy the amazing views of the area from this special spot. Seeing it is a journey into nature's beauty and power, leaving lasting memories.

A Spectacular Icelandic Wonder

Seljalandsfoss, an awe-inspiring waterfall nestled in the heart of Iceland, stands as a testament to nature's grandeur. Falling from 60 meters, this majestic sight captivates with its stunning beauty and powerful force.

Walking behind the waterfall, with mist all around and green scenery, feels like stepping into a magical world.

It is an odyssey into the soul of Icelandic wilderness. At this spot, the waterfall's power blends with the rough terrain and changing weather, creating a scene of pure awe. Seljalandsfoss calls to nature lovers, photographers, and seekers of peace, offering an adventure full of exploration and discovery.

Seljalandsfoss captivates viewers worldwide as a natural wonder featured in many TV series. If you're a fan or an adventurer, Seljalandsfoss will give you lasting, beautiful memories of Iceland's wild nature.


Seljalandsfoss is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in South Iceland, epitomizing the region's raw, untouched beauty. Checking out this awesome waterfall guarantees an unforgettable time, giving you a rare chance to soak up nature's beauty and make memories that'll stick with you forever.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a Photographer’s Paradise

Frequently Asked Questions

To answer any remaining queries, here are some frequently asked questions about this Icelandic Waterfall.

Where is Seljalandsfoss?

Seljalandsfoss is located in the South Region of Iceland, approximately 120 kilometers from Reykjavik along Route 1.

Can I walk behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall?

Yes, one of the unique features of Seljalandsfoss is a path that allows visitors to walk behind the waterfall.

Is it safe to visit Seljalandsfoss in the winter?

Yes, it is safe to visit in winter, but it's crucial to be prepared for icy conditions and to follow any posted safety guidelines.

What should I wear to visit Seljalandsfoss?

Dress in layers and wear water-resistant clothing and footwear, as you can get wet from the waterfall's spray, especially if you walk behind it.

Is there an entrance fee to visit Seljalandsfoss?

no, but there is a small parking fee, the waterfall itself is free to visit.