NatureHot SpringsWilderness Soak: Krossneslaug Hot Pool Exploration
aerial view on gethermal pool hot spring in Krossneslaug with fjords in the background

Wilderness Soak: Krossneslaug Hot Pool Exploration

While popular geothermal pools, such as the Blue Lagoon, are wonderful places to visit when traveling to Iceland, hidden pools are even better. Sometimes it is therapeutic to get away from the busy areas of the country and soak your worries away in a remote area.

Krossneslaug is one of those hidden gems that can be accessed when renting a car in Iceland. It is also a more affordable option than most of the touristy hot springs in the country. If you are looking for a secluded hot spring that is nestled in the heat of Iceland’s nature, then get ready to take a road trip to this isolated area in the Westfjords.

How Krossneslaug Hot Spring Formed

Krossneslaug is a natural hot spring that was created due to the volcanic landscape in the Westfjords. This area of Iceland is known to be the oldest part of the country, which means it is the least affected by the volcano rift valley that sits in Central Iceland. The hot water comes from a hot spring at the top of the hill and is located right by the beach.

When the water reaches the deepness of the earth and comes in contact with the heat from volcanic sources a hot spring begins to form. After the water heats up, it rises through gaps which causes the volcanic compositions to appear in the hot springs.

a view from above of Krossneslaug hot spring in iceland

The only way a hot spring can be constructed is when the geothermal heat reaches the surface. The precipitation goes downwards into the ground, where it can then stay heated. After it will go through a crack to resurface again. This continues and that is how hot springs in Iceland reheat and refilter themselves. Once this process is completed, you will be able to soak your day away in the natural hot spring.

The Infinity Pool: Surrounded By Mountains & The Sea

The infinity pool was built in 1954 and is still standing strong today! An infinity pool means that one of the walls of the pool is not obstructed and this one in particular has intense views of the ocean. You will be able to close your eyes and listen to the waves of the sea crashing in front of you as you feel the light ocean breeze touch your face. This area of Iceland is close to the arctic circle too, so you are literally soaking on the edge of the world.

The geothermal pool at Krossnes sits on the east coastline of Strandir in the WestFjords Peninsula. You will be able to take in the views of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

The Surrounding Area Of Krossneslaug

Krossneslaug is located in a small area of Krossnes and is next to the small village of Norðurfjörður. This is a very secluded part of the country that is not near any big cities or civilizations, which is just another perk. The closest villages are Hólmavík and Drangsnes, but they are still over two hours away. There is also the very small village of Árneshreppur which is about 13 minutes south of Krossneslaug.

The stair to Krossneslaug pool Iceland

How To Get Here

If you are coming from Reykjavik with your Iceland car rental, you can expect a 5-hour drive to reach this isolated area. If you are coming from the village of Drangsnes it is about 2.5 hours from the village to the pool.

Road 643

Road 643 is going to be the road that gets you there. This is the only road that will bring you to Krossneslaug and it goes along the coastline. Everything about the drive is beautiful, but it is rated as hard. There are no river crossings since it is not an F-road but there are cliffy sections with water sitting right below you on one side. We recommend taking a 4x4 vehicle to drive this road as it is best suited for accessing remote locations such as this one.

There is an N1 Gas Station in Norðurfjörðu. We suggest filling it up since you are traveling in one of the more remote areas of the country.

When To Visit

You will only be able to visit Krossneslaug from the middle of May to the end of August. The Westfjords become inaccessible during the winter months, thanks to heavy snowfall and icy roads. Summertime draws the most visitors when roads are clear and daylight hours extend into the evening hours.

Amazing panoramic view on Westfjords area, Iceland

Be careful of the dark fog that can cast over the area, this can make it hard to see when driving. If the coast is clear you will be able to enjoy the scenery during your whole drive, the ocean pairs beautifully with the mountains.

The pool is open 24/7 too, so you can come as you, please. For a once in a lifetime experience, visit at night for a chance to view the majestic Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

Is There A Cost To Visit Krossneslaug?

There is a small cost to visit Krossneslaug. It is around 700 ISK or $5 to use the pool and changing room. Which is a small price to pay for the invaluable relaxation you are about to experience.

There is normally an attendant on the property to take your money during the day. If you are visiting at night you can put it in the honesty box upon arrival. Credit cards are accepted if the attendant is on the property. Cash is needed if you have to do the honesty box option instead.

Krossneslaug’s Amenities

The pool does have a dressing room which is said to be well-maintained. There are showers on the property too, so you can wash them off before entering the pool. It is recommended to not shower after, as the minerals’ healing powers will still work on your skin.

There is also a small hot tub that sits next to the swimming pool that you can use. A perfect addition to the already serene atmosphere.

Whale Watching

magnetic view on a whale tail

One of the most extraordinary perks of soaking at Krossneslaug is the opportunity to whale watch right from the pool. Whales have been seen often raising their flukes out of the water. If you do spot one, chances are it is a Humpback Whale. In addition to this amazing creature, you may even see seals, dolphins, and seabirds in the distance. If you do spot one or all of them, consider yourself very lucky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hot springs in Iceland safe?

Only bathe in the ones that are legal to bathe in, those ones are safe and healing. Some of the country's hot springs are too hot for bathing,

How long should you soak in hot springs?

Anywhere from 15-30 minutes is recommended. Anything longer than that can cause dehydration or fainting. So make sure to hydrate as you soak.

Do you need water shoes for hot springs?

You do not need them unless you are hiking in a hot spring or need to walk far. If the hot spring is slippery you can use them upon entering.

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