A rental car in Iceland taking gas at ÓB gas station

Is it hard to find gas stations in Iceland?

It is always a good idea to be prepared before a road trip. While hitting the open road with no agenda seems relaxing, the stress suddenly kicks in when you are almost out of gas. Since Iceland is 39,769 mi², you have a lot of ground to cover. Some areas can be out in the remote wilderness while other places are near large cities. So is it hard to find gas stations in Iceland? Not entirely, but we will go over the main gas stations in the country and where they are located. That way, you can roll the windows down on your rental car from Go Car Rental and enjoy the drive with ease.

N1 Gas Stations

N1 has 95 locations throughout Iceland, so chances are you will most likely fill up at one. They are a popular gas station chain that is conveniently located throughout the Ring Road loop. They also have locations in the isolated Westfjords region, in case you are heading out that way.

N1 gas station in Iceland

Some of their locations offer oil changes, auto repair, and tire service too. Their normal gas stations are all self-serve with most having indoor snacks and food. Gas stations in Iceland require you to have a pin number attached to your credit card. If you don’t have one, you can get a prepaid card at N1 which will have a pin attached to it for you. That way you can use your credit card to buy one. A nice loophole if you forget your debit card.

Be sure to try their burger when you fill up, travelers rave about how delicious it is!

Locations: https://www.n1.is/en/locations/

Costco Gas

Costco is a household name in America, so there is comfort in knowing that there is one located in Iceland. It is a short 15-minute drive south of Reykjavik Airport, in the town of Gardabaer. An immaculate fill-up spot that you can stop at, before getting on the road. Also, great news for all of you international travelers out there, your Costco membership will work worldwide. Allowing you to pull up and fill up relatively quickly. Costco fans know that the brand also brings some cheap gas to the table, so take advantage of those discounts when you can.

Costco station Iceland

Since there is only one location, you will not be spotting any other Costco Gas Stations along your route. However, it can be a great location to start or end your trip, since it is so close to the airport. Don’t forget to go into Costco and stock up on any road trip snacks too!

Orkan Gas Stations

Orkan has 65 self-service gas stations around Iceland. They pride themselves on offering the lowest fuel price in every region. While we can’t officially confirm that, reviews of the gas station back this up! Orkan’s locations are spread out through the country and mostly sit along the Ring Road Route. You will probably notice their hot pink-colored gas pumps, making them hard to miss. At Orkan you pay at the pump before fueling and all pumps are open 24/7.

Orkan Gas Stations

We recommend trying one of their piping hot coffees before getting back on the road. Travelers have said they love it and it is not your typical gas station coffee.

Locations: https://www.orkan.is/english/

Olis Gas Stations

Olis is another gas station company in Iceland, with over 50 stations located all over the country.

Take advantage of their Olis Discount Card, which you can get at any Olis Gas Station. Some benefits include discount coffee, free WI-FI, a 5 ISK discount off every liter of fuel, and a 10% discount at their restaurants. You can also wash your car at Olis, an excellent option for those adventurers who may have gotten a bit carried away when off-roading.

Olis Gas Stations

We recommend trying one of their bacon-wrapped hot dogs before getting back on the road. Make sure to “top it” with all of Iceland's fresh ingredients.

Locations: https://www.olis.is/english/stations

Tips & Tricks

Now that you know where to go, let’s talk about some tips and tricks to help you feel even more confident driving you rental car through Iceland. Remember to always fill up if you are at half of a tank or below when passing a gas station. This will help you stay ahead of the game, in case you are going out into the remote areas of Iceland.

As already discussed, Iceland uses cards with the chip-and-PIN system, which requires a 4-digit PIN for purchases. So don’t rely on your Credit Card when filling up. Some of the above gas stations offer prepaid cards for you to purchase. That would be the best option if you do not have a debit card with a pin with you.

Gas prices in Iceland

Gas prices in Iceland are up and down with the rest of the world these days. To give you an idea of what to expect, it averaged 1.77 USD a liter from 1998 until 2022. Then it reached an all-time high of 2.59 USD a liter in June of 2022, with a record low of 1.05 USD a liter in December of 2000. In America, gas goes by gallons not liters, so remember that 1 liter equals about 0.26 cents gallons. This means it is anywhere from a high of $10.36 a gallon to a low of $4.16 a gallon. Anywhere from $8-$10 a gallon or $100 total is average to fill a tank of gas in Iceland. Basically, gas in Iceland is downright expensive. It is actually one of the most expensive countries in the world for gas. This is mostly due to the fuel tax imposed here. While it is more costly than in other countries, it is so worth it to be able to see the insanely gorgeous landscapes. A good resource is www.gsmbensin.is, where you can see up-to-date prices varying from the cheapest stations up to the most expensive ones.

Is it hard to find a gas station in Iceland?

No, it really isn’t. You just have to remind yourself to fill up before heading into vast and remote areas. Usually, they are placed every 30 miles around Ring Road. If you have a credit card, make sure to request one with a pin before leaving or have a backup. Luckily, Iceland built gas stations along some of the most popular routes, making it easy for visitors to explore the country.

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