Icelandic Food

Taste the Unique Flavors of Iceland with Our Food Guides.

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little girl with a blue shirt, serving herself a glass of tap water in Iceland Food

Nature's Elixir: The Beauty of Iceland Water

Traveling to another country can be stressful if you don’t know the answers to some basic questions. Such as “Can I drink the tap water here?”. You are not alone though, over 70% of travelers feel unsafe drinking water from another country. We get it, the last thing you would want is to spend your whole vacation in a hotel room bathroom. So can you drink tap water in Iceland?

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistApr 17, 2023 • 8 min read
Traditional Icelandic food. A Icelandic Hot Dog with everything.Food

Savor the Flavors: Journey into the World of Icelandic Cuisine

For all of the people who are flocking to Morocco or France for a culinary experience, we have something to tell you. Iceland is now taking over the culinary world. The Icelandic food scene has exploded from Michelin Star Chefs to delicious farm-to-table restaurants. All of these amazing places have one thing in common, traditional Icelandic food. Some feature it directly on the menu while others infuse it and take it to the next level.

Either way, Iceland provides some of the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Let’s go over what falls in the Traditional Icelandic Food category and the history of how it became a tradition. Prepare to have a growling stomach and a plane ticket suddenly booked for Iceland after you are done reading about these unique and mouth-watering dishes.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJun 23, 2022 • 11 min read
Vegan food in Iceland. Green tomato's, Avocados, limes and more.Food

Vegan Paradise: Exploring Plant-Based Cuisine in Iceland

Finding restaurants that serve Vegan food can be difficult when traveling, especially with spotty WIFI in a new and remote country. Instead of spending your days stressing out, we want you to enjoy the striking Iceland landscape instead. Normally when people think of Icelandic cuisine, they visualize fresh fish and lamb from local farmers. While this is true, Iceland also is one of the freshest places for produce and locally grown vegetables. In addition to that, there are vegan restaurants located throughout the country. Some are home to chefs that specialize in vegan cuisine. We curated a list of the best Vegan restaurants and hotspots throughout the country, so you don’t have to! Keep reading on how to master being Vegan in Iceland.

Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistJun 13, 2022 • 11 min read