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What Documents Do I Need To Rent a Car in Iceland?

Are you ready to hit the open road in Iceland? With the country's picturesque landscapes and ample mountain ranges, we can see why. Before you hit the gas pedal, let’s talk about exactly what you need to rent a car in Iceland. Because let's face it, being prepared for a trip can be a game changer. It can also help avoid any unnecessary panic attacks or arguments with your loved ones at the rental counter. Since there are only two items you need, you should be able to handle them. Just make sure they are in your wallet before boarding your airplane to Iceland.

Driver's License

First, it is absolutely necessary for you to have a valid driver's license that is issued in your country of residence.

That means no expired licenses or old ones that have holes punched in them. You also need to have had your license for at least one year. Sorry new drivers, you will have to let someone else in your party take one for the team.

Licenses must be in English as well, especially if they are foreign. If you have an international driver’s license, that is great. But your international driving license will only be valid if it is accompanied by your regular driver's license. So make a note to bring both with you.

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Credit Card

In addition to a driver's license, a credit card is needed when renting a car in Iceland. We do not take any deposit or block any money from our clients during their rental. We do however need to see a valid credit card on arrival, which we require to take an imprint of as a guarantee.

If the renter does not have a credit card, we will require them to purchase the Zero Excess insurance package.

We do this in case the car is damaged when returned. That way, we will have the maximum amount needed to fix the damage, and the rest will be refunded back to you.

This is also why we always recommend adding additional insurances, including Sand and Ash Insurance. There are plenty of cars for you to choose from at Go Car Rental, we will make sure you have the best match for your travel needs.

If you are looking to go offroading you can even rent a 4x4 for your journey. No matter what you choose, you will need a valid credit card for every rental, so triple-check that is packed before making it to the check-in counter. 

Go Car Rental in Iceland

In Iceland, you do not need your passport to rent a car, which is a nice treat. You can keep that locked up in your safe or suitcase. Once you hand in your valid documents, it is time to start your adventure. Whether you are cruising along the Golden Circle or following the Ring Road, you will have so much time to enjoy the spectacular Iceland views.

If you are taking a longer road trip, you can even play some of our hand-picked car games. This includes Road Trip Scavenger Hunt, Animal Counting, Waterfall Hunting, and more. The perfect time passer to compliment the waterfalls and cliffs you are passing. Go Car Rental has the ultimate car rental waiting for you! Just don’t forget your driver's license and credit card.