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Vegan food in Iceland. Green tomato's, Avocados, limes and more.

Guide to Vegan In Iceland

Finding restaurants that serve Vegan food can be difficult when traveling, especially with spotty WIFI in a new and remote country. Instead of spending your days stressing out, we want you to enjoy the striking Iceland landscape instead. Normally when people think of Icelandic cuisine, they visualize fresh fish and lamb from local farmers. While this is true, Iceland also is one of the freshest places for produce and locally grown vegetables. In addition to that, there are vegan restaurants located throughout the country. Some are home to chefs that specialize in vegan cuisine. We curated a list of the best Vegan restaurants and hotspots throughout the country, so you don’t have to! Keep reading on how to master being Vegan in Iceland.



Gló in Iceland

Opening in Reykjavík back in 2013 is the 100% vegan restaurant of Glo. That is right, no need to pick through the menu and triple confirm options at this hot spot. Every dish and item is vegan safe and also oh so tasty. Chef Solla is an award-winning Chef who has even been rated one of the best raw chefs in the world. She is a great role model for healthy eating and maintaining a nutritious diet. Needless to say, you are great hands at Glo!

Their menu has so many options for you to satisfy your tastebuds. The Vegan Sports Bowl is a salad mix, with whole wheat pasta, “like meat”, sweet potato salad, watermelons, pesto, and roasted coconut flakes. The BBQ Vegan Bowl has a salad mix, Thai salad, beetroot salad, like meat, quinoa, yellow beans, BBQ mayo, and sunflower seeds. They also offer different lasagnas and soups. Hungry yet? Don’t forget to try their famous desserts. Glo is a famous Vegan spot that lives up to the hype.

Gló vegan food

Akureyri Hot Dog Stand


Pylsuvagninn in Iceland Akureyri

Hot dogs may not make you initially think of Vegan food. But luckily, Akureyri Hot Dog Stand helped us change that opinion. Located in central Northern Iceland in the town of Akureyri, is this hidden gem. It is a great find since it is outside of some of the more remote areas you will be driving through. Making it the perfect stop during your Iceland road trip to fuel up at.

How did they conquer a vegan hot dog you ask? Well, they use organic vegan sausage, natural herbs, water, wheat protein, sunflower oil, and salt. You can add raw onions, ketchup, and mustard to your dog as well. Try some of the other varieties they offer. Such as a Vegan hotdog with pickled cucumber, red cabbage, beans, or vegetables. You can even pick your favorite hot dog from their main menu and they will turn it vegan for you. There are really no limits at Akureyri Hot Dog Stand for Vegans, just delicious Vegan dogs.



Chickpea vegan Iceland

Chickpea is a local favorite in Reykjavik for all things healthy and nutritious. This restaurant is family-run and provides healthy and authentic food made from scratch daily. Their dishes are bright and colorful and pack in so many beneficial nutrients. A lot of their meals feature, you guessed it, chickpeas!

Some chickpea-themed meals are sweet potato falafel with roasted onions in romesco, pickled salad, hummus, greens & papaya aioli. This is featured on their “Special Of The Week'', which is rotated out weekly. Accompany your dish with crispy polenta fries or sweet potato soup. You can either dine in the restaurant or put an order in for takeaway. Chickpea is a delicious lunch spot that should not be missed when in Reykjavik.

Chickpea vegan burger

Smiðjan Brugghús



Vik is home to Smiðjan Brugghús, which is a brewery and restaurant. In 2018 the brewery was founded by by Sveinn Sigurðsson, Þórey Richardt Úlfarsdóttir, Vigfús Þór Hróbjartsson and Vigfús Páll Auðbertsson. Today, they all work together to bring you some fresh menu items and tasty beer.

Their Vegan Burger is the way to go and is one of the most popular menu items! This Black bean patty is served with onion rings, violife cheddar, garlic aioli, pickled cucumbers, tomato, red onion & lettuce. Don’t forget to enjoy the side of fries that comes with it. Pair your meal with one of their brews, such as the Haltá Ketti - Milkshake IPA. A must-try for Vegans, located only a few minutes away from the majestic black sand beaches of Iceland.

Vegan World Peace


Vegan World Peace Iceland

Everyone's dream is to someday experience World Peace, but now it should also be your dream to experience Vegan World Peace too. The restaurant that is. They serve up some of the best vegan cuisines that are curated for a healthy lifestyle. Their dishes use Asian seasonal ingredients, which are fresh and nutritious.

Vegan World Peace Iceland

Let’s talk about some of the Asian-styled dishes that this Reykjavik restaurant features. Vietnamese Famous Pho In Hot Stone Bowl is rice noodles, vegan plant-based meat, bean sprouts, and local herbs. Wonton Noodle Soup is another yummy option. You can even “Choose Your Own Pasta”, with choices of spaghetti, linguini, or penne. Vegan World Peace has something for everyone and is a delicious Vegan option when visiting the city.

Vegan World Peace Iceland



Ölverk Iceland Vegan

Let’s talk about some of the tastiest vegan pizza in Iceland! Pizza is one of the most loved foods by both locals and visitors from all over the world, and Ölverk is serving it up right in the town of Hveragerði. Which is only a half-hour drive from Reykjavik and is also located right off of the Golden Circle. The family-owned restaurant opened back in 2017 and is known for its premium wood-fired pizza and fine craft beer. Their craft beer selection has become so popular that it is known throughout the whole country. Ölverk's has its own unique in-house brewery that is powered by geothermal energy. How cool is that?

Now onto the pizza. They offer two different 12-inch wood-fired Vegan pizzas. The first is layered with sauce, vegan cheese, Mexican vegan minced, paprika, nacho chips, vegan chili mayo, spring onion, and coriander. A unique and mouthwatering option. The second version is Ölverk pesto, mushroom, spring onion, coconut flakes, fresh chili, Icelandic dulse-seaweed, and sesame seed oil. All of their pizza pies are extremely creative. Stop by Ölverk during your next Golden Circle road trip, you will not be disappointed.



Garðurinn vegan Iceland

Relax at Garðurinn, which provides a peaceful atmosphere in Reykjavik. Their staff even learned to mediate from Sri Chinmoy. So be sure to ask them all about the free meditation courses offered by the Sri Chinmoy Center. This vegan and vegetarian restaurant serves up some amazing dishes too.

They have a menu of the week that you can check out for consistently new dishes. Some features now are the Beetroot soup with coconut milk and Indian pie. Be sure to stop by and try this tranquil and flavorful restaurant.



Fridheimar vegan Iceland

Visit the Vegan-friendly and famous tomato farm of Fridheimar. Which is located only an hour and fifteen minutes east of Reykjavik. This special place allows you to dine in an actual greenhouse. They grow three different varieties of tomatoes at their farm. They then make tons of delicious Vegan meals for you to try. This includes the one and only Friðheimar Tomato Soup. A hearty soup that is served with baked bread, cucumber salsa, butter, and fresh herbs.

You can also try one of their refreshing beverages. The Healthy Mary is their newest drink, made from green tomato, lime, honey, and ginger, served chilled with sparkling water. If you want to get your buzz on, try out the Happy Mary. Which is one part Hendrik´s Gin, two parts Healthy Mary and a glass filled up with Bitter Lemon and green tomato juice.



Sandholt vegan  Iceland

Located in the heart of Reykjavík is the delish bakery of Sandholt. This “down-to-earth eatery” is a favorite for both vegans and non-vegans. The bakery is family-run and has passed down recipes from four generations. Their most famous item on the menu is their homemade sourdough bread. They bake several types and even import their flour from Italy. They want their bread to be not only delicious but healthy too.

Vegans must try their Vegan artichoke sandwich. It has artichoke hearts, red onion, cashew butter, salad, and tomato. They also have a Vegan open-faced sandwich. Which has roasted butternut squash, pumpkin hummus, red onion, salad, pickled chili, and candied pumpkin seeds. Both nestled on their homemade bread.

Vegan-Friendly Options

While eating at a vegan restaurant every day sounds scrumptious, it may not always be realistic. Especially if you are road-tripping around the country in remote locations. Iceland is known for its vegetables and outdoor crops. Some options are cabbage, turnips, rhubarb, carrots, potatoes, kale, and beets. Fruits range from seasonal strawberries, blueberries, and brambleberries. Greenhouses are also common in Iceland, where tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and cabbage are grown. All of these fresh vegetables and fruits are sold in Iceland. The country also has some convenient places where you can purchase your favorite Vegan snacks and meals. Perfect for when you are on the go.

The Iceland grocery store Krónan has lots of vegan options. From vegan cheese, meats, and frozen foods. This is a great option for those who are staying at accommodations that have kitchens. With over 25 locations throughout the country, you will most likely pass a few. If you are passing one during your road trip, be sure to stop by and stock up on all of your favorites. Icelandic Provisions Skyr yogurt is vegan friendly too. It is made without the use of gelatin or other animal-based thickeners. You can purchase this at most locations including gas stations around Iceland too.

Kronan supermarket
Kronan supermarket

If you are in Reykjavik you can stock up on all of your favorite Vegan Foods at Vegan Budin. This vegan grocery store is a dream for those wanting to prepare their own meals. You can purchase raw foods such as tofu, nuts, seeds, oats, and tempeh. If you are staying somewhere with a freezer you can stock up on their frozen Vegan dinners, such as Junkyard Neatloaf.

Vegan Búdin Iceland

Iceland has so many Vegan options for travelers to try. From mouthwatering restaurants to markets that specialize in vegan cuisine, there truly is something for everyone! Iceland makes it easy not to stress about finding delicious Vegan food. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the Icelandic Vegan food scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many vegan restaurants in Iceland?

Yes, there are quite a few vegan-friendly restaurants in Iceland, especially in the capital, Reykjavík.

Is it hard to find vegan grocery items in Iceland?

No, most grocery stores in Iceland offer a range of vegan products.

Can I eat traditional Icelandic cuisine and still be vegan?

Yes, many traditional dishes have vegan alternatives available in various restaurants.

Do Icelandic restaurants understand what "vegan" means?

Absolutely! Veganism is well understood in Iceland, especially in the food industry.

Can I maintain a vegan lifestyle while traveling around Iceland?

Yes, with some planning and local knowledge, maintaining a vegan lifestyle in Iceland is feasible.

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