DrivingRental Cars5 Reasons to Choose Locally Owned Car Rental Companies in Iceland
Iceland's scenic routes – a driver's paradise, courtesy of a local Iceland car rental company.
Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Aron Freyr
By Aron FreyrDec 7, 2023 • 9 min read

5 Reasons to Choose Locally Owned Car Rental Companies in Iceland

Ah, Iceland, a majestic land of fire and ice. But wait, isn’t it more than just geysers and glaciers? Absolutely! Let’s kick the tires and light the fires of an Icelandic road trip adventure.

Unveiling the Icelandic Beauty

Imagine cruising along the scenic routes, breathing in the fresh, crisp air as you witness the dance of the Northern Lights. Iceland is an untamed gem waiting to be explored, and what better way than by hitting the road?

The Car Rental Scene in Iceland

You’ll find a plethora of options when it comes to car rental in Iceland. However, choosing a local Iceland car rental company can be akin to discovering a hidden treasure chest. Why, you ask? Well, let’s unfold the map to these five X-marks-the-spot reasons.

Reason 1: Economic Support

Boosting the Local Economy

When you rent from a locally-owned car rental company, your money directly supports the Icelandic community. It's like planting seeds that grow into a flourishing economic garden.

Local car rental in Iceland, economic support

Sustainable Tourism

Supporting local car rental companies also means encouraging sustainable tourism. These companies often have strong connections with the community and contribute to its overall well-being.

Reason 2: Local Expertise

Insider Tips

Local companies are like a goldmine of insider knowledge. They’ve been around the block (or glacier) and can guide you to hidden gems you won’t find in guidebooks. Want to see elves? They might just know where to look!

Iceland car rental company, insider tips

Customized Experience

They can also offer tailored suggestions for itineraries and routes, ensuring your Iceland rental car journey is as unique as a snowflake.

Reason 3: Trust & Reliability

Local Reputation

The reputation of locally-owned rental cars Iceland companies is often built on personal relationships. They value the word-of-mouth and tend to deliver what they promise. Think of them as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, always there to lend a hand.

Reliable rental cars, Iceland

Quality Assurance

When it comes to cars, these companies maintain their fleet meticulously. It’s like getting a homemade pie – you can taste the extra care.

Reason 4: Cost-effectiveness

Price Comparison

You'll find that local car rental in Iceland can be more affordable than international chains. They're like the cozy sweater you find in a thrift store - high quality, low cost.

Cost-effective car rental, Iceland

Value for Money

On top of that, local companies often include extra amenities without additional costs, giving you more bang for your buck!

Reason 5: Environmental Concerns

Green Choices

Environmentally conscious? Local car rental companies often have green options, allowing you to explore Iceland while minimizing your carbon footprint. It’s like exploring the world, but also giving it a hug!

Environmentally friendly car rental, Iceland

Positive Footprint

By supporting these companies, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for Iceland. That's a footprint we all can be proud of.


Choosing a locally-owned car rental company in Iceland is like choosing to be a part of the community. You support the economy, get insider tips, enjoy reliable services, save money, and make environmentally-friendly choices. So, ready to hit the road?

Frequently Asked Questions

To answer any remaining queries, here are some frequently asked questions about locally owned car rental companies in Iceland

Why are local car rental companies in Iceland more affordable?

Local companies have lower operating costs and thus can offer competitive rates.

How can renting locally support sustainable tourism in Iceland?

By supporting local businesses, you contribute to the economy and promote environmentally friendly practices.

What makes local car rental companies more reliable?

Their reputation is built on personal relationships, and they value customer satisfaction and quality service.

How can local companies offer a customized experience?

With their deep knowledge of Iceland, they can provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

What are some of the green options available with local car rental companies?

Many local companies offer hybrid or electric vehicles to minimize environmental impact.