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Essential Iceland Apps for Your Travel

Setting off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Iceland is the top way to explore it. This breathtaking country is filled with National Parks, black sand beaches, endless ocean views and so much more. Many even spend weeks driving the infamous Ring Road to appreciate it in its entirety.

It is no surprise we live in a digital age, where new Apps for our phones come out every day. So, we get that it can be overwhelming choosing which ones to download.

When it comes to road-tripping through Iceland, we got you covered. Here are 15 picks for the best apps to download for your Iceland road trip!

1. Veður

Iceland is infamous for having crazy and unpredictable weather. This is why staying informed about the forecast during your Iceland road trip is so important.

App for the Icelandic Meteorological Office in Iceland

Veður is the most popular app for Icelandic Weather. In fact, it is a part of the Icelandic Meteorological Office. So you know the weather forecast will be more than accurate.

The app will give you the current temperature, directions, speed of winds, and how much rain or snow is expected.

Always check the forecast before heading out on the road. Some areas of Iceland may be sunny and beautiful, while others may be in the middle of a storm.

Turn on alerts so you can get notified of any dangerous weather coming your way!

Download Veður for Android or iOS.

2. All Trails

Downloading All Trails is a must if you are an avid hiker trekking Iceland. This app makes researching hiking trails easy. All you have to do is type in your trail of choice. Then you will see the miles, elevation gain, and recent reviews from other hikers.

GPS Hiking & Biking Trail Maps app

We also recommend reading the reviews of the hiking trail before heading out. Here you will be able to find current conditions and safety updates from other hikers.

This is especially important if you are hiking during the shoulder season or the winter months. Recent reports will update snow totals and if it's safe to trek.

Make a list on Alltrails of all your favorite Iceland hikes in advance. You will be able to download the trail for offline use in case you lose service.

This means you will be able to track your hike the entire time and ensure you stay on the trail.

Download All Trails for Android or iOS.

3. SafeTravel

Keep yourself safe by downloading SafeTravel. This app will give you the latest update on road conditions throughout Iceland. That way you can take a look at the route and roads before starting your road trip.

Weather and road conditions in Iceland in one app

You can even see what types of roads your rental car can handle. Just put in the vehicle information, which includes the type of car and tires. The app will then tell you if your rental vehicle is fit for the road you are planning.

Some of Iceland’s routes have F-Roads which are mountains and tough routes. Only 4X4 vehicles are legally allowed to drive them. So researching the route beforehand is always a smart idea.

Download SafeTravel for Android or iOS.

4. Waze

When it comes to GPS, Waze is a favorite pick all around the world. This fun app will help you plan your route with ease. Just type in the location and hit the open road.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app

Waze is more than just your typical GPS app. You will get alerts from other drivers in your area. These alerts could cover traffic, a car broken down, an object on the road, and even animals nearby. You can do your part by reporting any of these activities to other drivers too.

Put a fun twist on your road trip by choosing a unique voice for your navigation. Waze will change monthly from celebrities to themed holiday voices. That way you can laugh while taking in the beautiful views of Iceland.

Waze has quickly become one of the top Iceland navigation apps over the past few years.

Download Waze for Android or iOS.

5. 112 Iceland

Emergencies happen! So having an app at your fingertips when they do is important. 112 Iceland is the country's main app for emergency services.

The best part is you can contact 112 Iceland without dialing the number. Just go to the app menu and send a text instead. As soon as you text 112 the operator will send your location to the emergency center.

You can then type a description of what is going on and what you need help with. It is a fantastic app to get you help when you need it.

Download 112 Iceland for iOS.

6. Google Maps

One of the most popular apps used throughout the world is Google Maps. In Iceland, it is one of the top-used apps.

Most of Iceland's roads are loaded in the app, so you should have plenty of options. Many use this app just to locate maps and directions. But you can also use it for finding things nearby. This can include food, gas, parks and so much more.

Find yourself hungry during your travels? No problem! Look up restaurants nearby to find some local gems during your road trip. Google Maps is one of the best apps for Iceland travel.

Download Google Maps for Android or iOS.

7. Spotify

Music and road-tripping are a match made in heaven. There is nothing more enjoyable than rolling down your windows and rocking out to your favorite tunes. This is why Spotify is one of the best apps for your Iceland Car Rental.

Make a playlist in advance, so you don’t have to search for your favorite songs when driving. We also recommend making a playlist of Iceland’s musicians and artists.

That way you can enjoy this Nordic Country to its fullest!

Download Spotify for Android or iOS.

8. Iceland Road Guide

Want to learn about Iceland as you are driving through it? Just download Iceland Road Guide! This app is a gem as it explains the history of over 3,000 places in Iceland. You will learn about the culture, geography and so much more.

Discover Iceland with the Iceland Road Guide app

It is easy to use, just follow the map and your guide will teach you about the areas you are driving through. The app is constantly updated with new attractions and so much more. You may even find delicious restaurants or small shops to visit during your travels.

This Iceland driving app was based on the book Iceland Road Guide, so you know you are in for a treat.

Download Iceland Road Guide for Android or iOS.

9. Strætó (Klappið)

If you are spending a day in Reykjavik and don’t want to drive you don’t have to. Strætó makes using public transportation in the city easy.

The Klappið app is an official Public transportation payment app, made for Strætó Iceland

This app was created by the Public Transport Authority for the Greater Reykjavík Area. It is the easiest way to purchase bus tickets right from your

Having Strætó (Klappið) downloaded will make your day adventures a breeze during your Iceland road trip!

Download Klappið for Android or iOS.

10. My Currency Converter

Want to buy that special souvenir but are unsure of how much it is in your currency? Don’t fret, because My Currency Converter is just a click away!

This handy app allows you to enter the Icelandic currency and convert it to your own. That way you don’t have to be surprised by the cost when you get home.

It also works in reverse. Type in your currency to see how much money it is in Iceland. My Currency Converter makes keeping a budget convenient and easy!

Download My Currency Converter for Android or iOS.

11. Parka

If you are grabbing dinner in Reykjavik or visiting the city's famous museums, we got your parking problems covered. Simpy download Parka!

Parka app offers users a simple and fast way to pay for parking within the city of Reykjavík and in Icelandic national parks.

This app allows you to pay for parking in designated places around Iceland. Downtown Reykjavik is the most popular location for this app. Other places include the amazing Skaftafell National Park.

Spend more time enjoying the attraction you are at instead of figuring out how to purchase your parking.

Download Parka for Android or iOS.

12. Bensin

It is no secret that gas in Iceland is expensive! We do offer plenty of rental cars that are fuel efficient, but we also have another hack. Download Bensin.

Track petroleum prices across Iceland and select them on a map

This app allows you to track gas prices throughout the country. That way you can see which gas stations are offering deals or lower prices.

This will even help you track where the gas stations are. So your rental vehicle can always be full of gas.

Download Bensin for iOS.

13. My Aurora

Seeing the Northern Lights with your own eyes is a bucket list activity for many. If you are visiting Iceland in its darker months, you have a great chance! My Aurora Forecast can help you achieve this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

My Aurora app that shows Forecast & Alerts for northern lights

The app will let you know your greatest chance of viewing the Northern Lights during your trip to Iceland. You can also set up alerts in case the Northern Lights become visible in the area you are in.

They also provide details about solar winds and high-resolution sun imagery. This will share when they are the brightest, making photographing the Northern Lights easy.

Download My Aurora Forecast & Alerts for Android or iOS.

14. Reykjavik Appy Hour

If you want to bar-hop in Reykjavik while saving money, you can. Download Reykjavik Appy Hour, which is a fun app for foodies.

 Appy Hour. Every happy hour in Reykjavík in your pocket.

This will tell you all about the happy hour deals near you. This could mean 50% off both drinks and food during certain hours. Not only will you save money, but you will also get to explore some of the city's most delicious restaurants.

Using Reykjavik Appy Hour and visiting local hot spots is one of our best Iceland travel tips!

Download Reykjavik Appy Hour for Android or iOS.

15. Google Translate

It doesn’t matter which country you are visiting Iceland from because Google Translate will have you covered. This app allows communicating with another language easily.

Most Icelanders are fluent in English, so those from Europe and America won’t have a problem. But sometimes, you may run into a local that speaks full Icelandic.

If you are traveling from a country where English is not your primary language, don’t worry. This app can easily translate your questions into any language!

Download Google Translate for Android or iOS.

Don't Forget the WiFi

We recommend adding WiFi when you rent a car in Iceland. So you can use all 15 of these apps with ease.

Not only will it make your life easier, but it will save you money too. The last thing you should do is use all of your roaming data during your drive.

Our WiFi options have a strong internet connection throughout Iceland. We also provide unlimited data, which means you can connect up to 5 devices and search as much as you want.

That way you can use all of these wonderful Iceland travel apps during your road trip. WiFi is only 15€ Per Day!

Our Rental Car Types

We are going to go over our car types. Now that you have all of your must-download apps for your Iceland road trip.


If you are exploring the land of fire and ice with a small group, reserve a small rental vehicle.

These cars are compact and peppy while offering some of the newest features. Did we mention they are also comfortable? Ideal for a road trip.

Additionally, they have fuel-efficient engines! So you can save some money on gas.

We have an entire guide that will help you understand the best times to rent a small vehicle.

Small Rental Car From Go Car Rental Iceland


If you are traveling with 2-4 people, a midsize vehicle could work great for your Iceland road trip.

The extra space in the car will keep your whole crew comfortable. While also fitting luggage, hiking essentials and so much more.

These vehicles are great for passing along tight roads and mountain passes. Thanks to their smaller yet still spacious size.

Midsize Rental Car From Go Car Rental Iceland


If you are planning to head into Iceland’s undiscovered landscape you need an 4x4 SUV vehicle.

These vehicles are commonly rented, thanks to their adventurous style. They are great for handling rough weather, mountain roads and so much more.

If you are wanting to drive Iceland’s thrilling F-Roads you can! Just rent an SUV with a 4X4 capability since it is legal to have one for those roads.

4X4 SUV rental car from Go Car Rental Iceland


Planning a family vacation to Iceland? Our fleet of Minivans may be more of your style. You can fit anywhere from 7-9 people and their luggage.

Not only are they very spacious but they can also handle Iceland’s terrain. We even have the Volkswagen Caravelle which is a AWD Minivan! With this Minivan, you can explore some of Iceland’s remote destinations.

Don’t forget to add on the WiFi we talked about early so your entire family can stay connected during your drive.

Minivan rental car from go car rental iceland


We hope that you have hit the download button on one, or all, of these Iceland travel apps. Not only will they make your life easier, but they may bring you to new places.

Iceland has so many destinations for you to make memories at. These apps will make finding them a little bit easier!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a data connection for these apps?

Most of these apps offer offline modes. However, it's always a good idea to download necessary data when you have a connection.

Are these apps free?

While most of these apps offer free versions, some might have premium features available for a fee.

Can I rely solely on these apps for navigation?

While these apps are reliable, always have a backup, like a physical map or another navigation device.

Is it safe to drive in Iceland?

Yes, but always be cautious, especially in changing weather conditions. And always stay informed using your apps.

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