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Children in a booster car seat
Go Car Rental Iceland travel writer Leah BIlquist
By Leah BIlquistNov 29, 2023 • 12 min read

Car Rentals with Car Seats: Family-Friendly Options

Iceland has so many majestic landscapes for you to explore with your entire family. From spouting hot springs to colorful mountains, there are so many places to marvel at. The best way to see them all is to rent a car and hit the open road.

If you're traveling with young children, ensuring their safety and comfort during your road trip is so important. That's why we're here to provide you with everything you need to know about car rentals with car seats in Iceland!

Iceland’s Car Seat Laws

There are a variety of laws when it comes to car seat rentals in Iceland. You must be 4'11 or 150 cm to sit in the front seat of a vehicle that has an airbag.

Baby seats are required until a child reaches 29 lbs or 13 kg. Some may even go as high as 40 lbs or 18kg.

So what about booster seats?

Iceland does not allow children to ride in a car with a booster seat until the child is at least 40 lbs or 18 kg.

They are also required to use a booster until they reach 80 lbs or 36kg. The only exception is if they are too tall for the booster. If that is the case, you could get a high-back booster seat. But that is just recommended and not required.

A kid sitting in a booster seat

Should I Bring My Own Car Seat To Iceland?

Bringing your own car seat to Iceland is not a good idea. Iceland has its own car safety laws that are different from America and other countries.

Car seats in America come with chest clips and in Europe, chest clips are not allowed to be used. So if you bring your own seat with you, it would be illegal to use it in Iceland. The reason they are banned is because they are hard to remove during an emergency.

Do Rental Cars Have Car Seats?

Go Car Rental offers car seats and booster seats for any traveler that needs one. They are both certified and safety-approved. Suitable for children 0-12 months old or 0 - 13 kilograms up to 8 years old or 46 kilograms.

Is A Car Seat Included In My Rental?

While the car seat is not included in your rental, it is offered as an add-on. You will only pay the cheap price of 5€ per day!

Can All Vehicles Fit Car Seats?

No, all vehicles can not fit car seats. But, we do have plenty of rental cars that can! The most common vehicle types that comfortably fits car seats are SUVs and Minivans. If you are interested in a different vehicle type, ask our team if a car seat can fit comfortably.

BMW X3 SUV driving a road in Iceland

Best Vehicles That Fit Car Seats

Hyundai Tucson


The Hyundai Tucson is an excellent choice for families, offering ample room and easy-to-reach ISOFIX points. Its impressive safety features, including lane keep assist and autonomous emergency braking, also contribute to its appeal.

Pros and Cons

While the Tucson is known for its comfort and safety, it's a little less fuel-efficient compared to other vehicles on this list.

Picture of the space of the back seat in a Hyundai Tucson

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, with its spacious interior and easy-to-access ISOFIX points, is a great eco-friendly option for families. Its hybrid technology ensures lower emissions, making it a great choice for those who want to explore Iceland responsibly.

Pros and Cons

While the RAV4 Hybrid offers excellent fuel efficiency, its higher rental or purchase cost compared to non-hybrid vehicles is a consideration.

Space in the back seat of a Toyota RAV4

Subaru Forester


The Subaru Forester is well-known for its all-wheel drive, making it ideal for navigating Iceland's diverse terrains. It offers ample space for car seats and provides easy access to ISOFIX points.

Pros and Cons

The Forester offers excellent safety and comfort. However, as with most SUVs, fuel efficiency could be better.

Subaru Forester Cabin interior - rear seats

Dacia Duster


For those looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on space and safety, the Dacia Duster is a good choice. It has plenty of room for car seats and also comes equipped with essential safety features.

Pros and Cons

While the Duster is a great budget option, it may lack some of the advanced safety features found in higher-end models.

Back seat space inside a Dacia Duster

Rental Car Types

We have plenty of rental cars that can fit car seats. If some of the above options don’t seem like our style, don’t worry. Here are all of our types of different rental cars.

Always check with our team to ensure a car seat will fit in the vehicle of your choice.


Our small rental cars are perfect for a small family. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles is equipped with the latest features to ensure your road trip is comfortable and safe. We also offer a variety of fuel-efficient rental cars, which can help you save money on gas during your Iceland road trip.

Peugeot Clio Small car parked in Iceland


If you want the same comfort of a small vehicle but more room, check out our midsize vehicles. You'll have plenty of legroom and space for your gear, luggage, and snacks. This type of car is perfect for medium-sized groups visiting Iceland.

The renault Captur parked in a beautiful Icelandic landscape


SUV rental cars in Iceland are a great fit for families who want extra space. If you plan on driving F-Roads, a 4X4 vehicle is necessary as it is illegal to drive them without one.

A blue Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV parked in a cottage in Iceland


Minivan rentals are ideal for a large group or family. Go Car Rental Iceland has a variety of spacious Minivans. These vehicles can seat anywhere from 7-9 passengers. We even have one 4X4 minivan if you still want to travel on Iceland’s F-Roads.

The Volkswagen minivan for 9 people in winter road of Iceland

Insurance Options

After you choose your car of choice and get your booster seat added on, you will want to choose your insurance.

At Go Car Rental there are three different tiers of main insurance that you can purchase, Plus +, Premium, and Premium +. Premium Plus +.

We are going to break down all of our insurance options, so your Iceland rental car can stay protected.

Super Collision Damage Waiver

The SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver is included in all insurance plans with Go Car Rental.  It will cover collision damages to the vehicle's body and injuries to the driver and passengers. It covers a majority of emergencies, hospital stays, and even medical checkups.

Gravel Protection

Gravel Protection is also included in all of Go Car Rental’s insurance plans. It includes damage due to gravel, including the body of the car, the headlights, and even the front windshield. Gravel Protection can be a vital add-on when driving in Iceland.

Sand & Ash Protection

SAAP is included in our Premium Plus+ plan! SAAP stands for Sand and Ash Protection, and it covers just that. Sand or ash can cause a significant mess to a vehicle, sometimes requiring a whole new paint job.

Learn all about Go Car Rental’s different insurance options!

Don’t Forget To Review Your Rental Car Agreement

Be sure to review your entire rental agreement when picking up your vehicle. This will confirm how many days you have the car seat rented and how long your rental is for.

Overwhelmed by your agreement?

No need to stress, we put together an entire guide that breaks down what is in your rental agreement!


Choosing the right vehicle in Iceland that can comfortably and safely accommodate car seats is crucial. This guide has hopefully given you a clearer idea of what to look for when selecting your vehicle. Remember, the goal is to ensure a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly journey as you traverse the mesmerizing Icelandic landscape


  1. Do I need to bring my own car seat to Iceland? It's recommended, but not necessary. Most car rental companies offer the option to rent car seats.
  2. Can I install more than one car seat in these vehicles? Yes, all vehicles listed here can accommodate more than one car seat.
  3. What are the penalties for not using a car seat in Iceland? Not using an approved car seat can result in fines.
  4. Does Iceland have different car seat laws compared to other European countries? No, Iceland follows the European Union regulations for car seats.
  5. Are there any specific brands of car seats recommended for these vehicles? Most car seats can fit these vehicles, but it's advisable to check the specifications of the car seat and the vehicle before installation.