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18 Best Restaurants in Akureyri

Dine in the “Capital Of the North'' during your next visit to Iceland. The city is an exciting place to stop during your Ring Road adventure and has plenty of things for you to do. From art museums to live music, you could spend multiple days exploring the area. But did you know that Akureyri has plenty of unique and delicious restaurants for you to try? From international dishes to local cuisine, Akureyri has an extensive dining scene. Keep reading to learn about the 18 best restaurants in Akureyri.

1. Krua Siam

There is nothing better than finding good Thai food! Akureyri luckily has a hidden gem that serves up some tasty Thai. In Thailand, food is a big part of everyday life and they treat eating together as a celebration. Instead of ordering separate courses for yourself as we do in Western dining, Thailand believes in sharing plates and the experience of dining.

This is what truly makes Krua Siam so special, besides their Thai food of course. Start your meal with spring rolls filled with chicken, bean noodles, and vegetables with sauce. Then try their Pad Kva Paw, a spicy meat dish with basil and chili and vegetables served with chicken or pork. They also have a variety of special dishes including deep-fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce and egg noodles with chicken. A lunch or dinner hot spot when visiting Akureyri.


2. Centrum Kitchen & Bar

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Located on the ground floor of Centrum Hotel Akureyri is one of the city's best restaurants, Centrum Kitchen & Bar. They offer both lunch and dinner options and are primarily known for their creative cocktails. Try their Centrum Burger which is served on a brioche bun with lettuce, pickled onion, gouda cheese, bacon, fried mushrooms with shallots, and jalapeno mayo. Served with truffle fries and truffle mayo.

Other options include Baked Cauliflower served with pesto, yuzu mayo, and a fresh salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Their Langoustine Soup has Norwegian langoustine, shrimp, scallops, and sour cream and it is served with bread. Don’t forget to ask about their cocktails when visiting.

If you are traveling through Akureyri for the holidays, you have to try their seasonal Christmas Menu.


3. Strikið

A brunch for two at the restaurant

If gastropubs are your scene then have a dining experience at Strikið. The bar is located on the fifth floor at Skipagatu 14. There are two halls here and both offer gorgeous views of the mountains and pond. If you visit in the summer you can enjoy your meal and drinks on the balcony which has open-air seating.

Your dishes will be prepared by head chef Árna Þór Árnason, who offers a creative approach to dining. The Iberico pork tacos which have Jack Daniel's BBQ, spring onions, and salad are to die for. The main courses include Beef tenderloin which has Smælki, caramelized onions,

fennel and truffle bearnaise or Salmon served with cauliflower, roasted broccoli, smoked teriyaki, and grilled lime.

Oh and don’t forget to treat yourself to their White Chocolate Cake. Served with caramel, licorice meringue, and vanilla ice cream. Hungry yet? Website:

4. Aurora Restaurant

Nice Restaurant in North in Akureyri Iceland

Want to see the Northern Lights? You can by dining at Aurora Restaurant. While you may not see them in the sky, you will see them in the decor of this cozy place. The main wall has a floor-to-ceiling photograph of the northern lights over the Sulur Mountains. Enjoy it by trying their Aurora High Tea, which is from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It includes Icelandic spicy bread, beetroot, goat cheese, Icelandic deep-fried bread, smoked salmon, horseradish, sourdough bread, shrimp, avocado, red onion bowls, pork/duck filet, salted peanuts, charcuterie, and sweet bites.

Their evening menu offers bright dishes such as duck with blackberries, mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, port wine sauce, and thousand-layer potatoes. If you are feeling fancy then you have to splurge on the Aurora set menu which features 4 courses of authentic Icelandic cuisine. The chefs focus on courses that highlight the best local produce.

You truly cannot go wrong with any dish from Aurora Restaurant. Sick back and enjoy the mouthwatering cuisine with views of the northern lights right next to your table!


5. DJ Grill

If you are craving a mouthwatering burger then it is time to visit DJ Grill. They are known to have some of the best burgers in town and the reviews back that up. They have eighteen different kinds of burgers too, so chances are you will find something on the menu.

The classic cheeseburger has lettuce, tomato onions, and sauce. The Road Hog is topped with pepper cheese, ham, pepperoni, and sauce. Maybe you want to kick up the heat a bit, if yes then try the El Jefe. It has onions, jalapenos, bacon, pepper cheese, BBQ, and chili mayo. They have a Veggie burger for Vegetarians too.

If Burgers are not your scene that is alright! They also offer scrumptious sandwiches such as a BLT or Ham Sandwich.


6. Shanghai Akureyri

When you think of savory Asian cuisine Akureyri may not be the first place that comes to your mind. That just means you have not eaten at Shanghai Akureyri yet. Whether you want to dine in or take out, this Asian food hot spot has got you covered.

Dine in to try their Chinese Buffet. It includes duck in sweet Peking sauce, deep-fried shrimp in sweet & sour sauce, deep-fried spring rolls, prawns rockets in hot chili sauce and so much more. You can also do traditional Chinese courses which showcase Mongolian lamb with onion and leek or beef with broccoli and Chinese mushrooms.

If you want to grab takeout you have that option as well. They have special offers for combination meals which include rice, noodles, and more. Shanghai Akureyri is your place to go for delectable Asian food in Akureyri.

7. Lasagna and More

There is a small hut in Akureyri that serves some of the best lasagnas you will ever have. It is called Lasagna and more and it needs to be added to your Akureyri food list. Stop by the hut and try the Lasagna Rossa Napoletana which is a symbol of Italian cuisine in the world that is made of meat and tomato sauce. The Bolognese Lasagna is from Bologna and served with bolognese sauce, minced meat, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

If you are looking for a lighter option then try the Lasagna Di Verdure which is packed with Veggies. They also have a few different pasta dishes including Vegetable & Cinnamon Pasta. This signature dish was created by the chefs and made with fusilli pasta, mixed vegetables, cheese, and a dash of cinnamon.

Definitely try the desserts before getting back on the road. Their Caprese Chocolate Cake or Caprese Lemon Cake is so yummy. Lasagna and More is a one-stop shop for everything delicious!


8. Akureyri Hot Dog Stand

Get ready to try Iceland’s famous hot dog, also known as Pylsa, at Akureyri Hot Dog Stand.They have a large list of hot dogs for you to try.

If you are craving breakfast then get The Breakfast Dog, which features onion, ketchup, cocktail sauce, mustard, remoulade sauce, egg, and bacon. Maybe a Pizza Dog is more your style. It is topped with cheese and mini pepperoni. You can also indulge in the new Volcanic Dog. A hot dog with fried and raw onions, tomato sauce, cocktail sauce, remoulade, mustard, and Crispy Jalapeño

They have created the perfect Vegan Hot Dog too. Using organic vegan sausage, natural herbs, water, wheat protein, sunflower oil, and salt. Other options are a Vegan hotdog with pickled cucumber, red cabbage, beans, or vegetables. Simply pick your favorite hot dog from their main menu and they will turn it vegan for you.

9. North Restaurant

An elaborate and particularly beautiful chef's dish

If you have been to Dill Restaurant in Reykjavik and Akureyri has a treat for you, North Restaurant. The menu is created by founding chef Gunnar Karl Gíslasson who also owns the Michelin Star restaurant Dill. North opened its door in August 2022 and it is known for showcasing ingredients from Northern Iceland as they express Nordic cooking.

Their dining experience tells a story of nature and the farmer's families who have worked on the land for generations. Learn all about Icelandic culture by tasting this extraordinary menu. The North Restaurant menu is 10.800 ISK per person. You can add on a wine experience for 9.400 ISK per person as well. Dining at North is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your taste buds will thank you for.


10. Indian Curry House

Akureyri really does have a bunch of international dining options and we are so happy to see that Indian food got a spot on the list. Indian Curry House opened In 2004 and was the first Indian restaurant in Akureyri. They started out in a tiny hut in the center of Akureyri, then in 2017, they moved to their restaurant location.

Start out with the Masala Tiger Prawns which are marinated Tiger Prawns fried on a pan and served with mint sauce. Then order the Tikka Masala which is grilled chicken tenderloin cooked with cashew nuts paste, onions, tomatoes, cinnamon cloves, and cardamoms. Make sure to add on a side order of Naan Bread which is Indian bread baked in the oven with plain butter or garlic. End your meal with yummy mango ice cream.

Every dish at Indian Curry House is scrumptious and a must-try when visiting Akureyri.


11. Blackbox Pizza

Did you know Akureyri has mouthwatering pizza? While most may think of Italy and New York City, Akureyri also has a special spot, Blackbox Pizza. They have around 20 different pizzas you can try and we will talk about a few of our favorite ones.

The Parma rocket has red sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula, black pepper, pesto, and parmesan. The Pickling Pizza features BlackBox sauce, cheese mixture, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, and cream cheese. You can also try their Hot Date Pizza, which has a cheese mixture, sauce, chorizo, bacon, jalapeno, dates, cream cheese, and chili mayo. You will not be disappointed in any of their unique pies. They also have a Nutella dessert pizza for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.


12. Backpackers Restaurant

A plate of well presented nachos

It is no question that Iceland attracts the world's adventurous souls. If you love traveling, hiking and backpacking you have to stop by Backpacker Restaurant. Their menu is simple yet inviting. They are also known for their extensive local beer menu. This includes lagers, beers, and ales from Borg’s microbrewery.

Some menu items include hot chicken wings, smoked salmon, and burgers. They also have a brunch menu with bacon, eggs and so much more. Don’t skip on the catch of the day which is caught right out on the harbor.

Backpackers Restaurant is a part of a hostel where you can stay on the property. This includes dorm rooms, private rooms, and family rooms.


13. Rub23

Sushi restaurant in Akureyri Iceland

Get ready to try fresh seafood at Rub 23. They offer a wide selection of fish and sushi dishes, mixed with meat dishes. Rub 23 was opened in June 2008 at Kaupvangstræti 23 in Akureyri. In March 2010, the place moved to a larger and more suitable building at Kaupvangstræti 6.

They have a unique menu and customers can choose from ready-made spice mixes for some of their entrees. Try their Appetizers in a bento box, which has Thai braised beef ribs, sushi pizza, salmon tataki with mango ponzu sauce, and crispy Catalan dumplings. If you are looking for a good time then order the Extreme Sushi Party, which is a selection of Rub23's most popular sushi and sashimi. The Extreme Sushi Party is only available for two or more people. You cannot go wrong with any entree at Rub23, an Akuryeryi favorite.


14. Moe’s Food Truck

Calling all Fish and Chip lovers! There is a food truck in Akureyri that is waiting for you, Moe’s Food Truck. They serve crispy fish and chips for you to enjoy as well as chicken and chips. You can also get a fish bagel which is packed with vegetables and tasty sauce. Don’t forget to add some cheese fries to your order as well.

If you are Gluten Free Moe has got you covered. They are known to be extremely knowledgeable about celiac disease and can discuss what can be made of Gluten Free. A food truck that truly has something for everyone.

15. Eyja & Mysa

If you want to spend your evening enjoying Akyureyris's fine dining scene then spend time at Eyja. Which is Akureyri's favorite bistro and wine bar. Their Bistro menu includes cheese plates, bread, olives, and sugared walnuts. Some bigger plates offer lamb meatballs and barley salad. You can even snack on their handmade pies, such as fish, sour cream, and dill. Make sure to pair your snacks with a rich glass of wine.

If you want a fancy meal then head a few steps over to Mysa, their adjoining sister restaurant. They offer a tasting menu experience where you can try a multi-course menu that is inspired by Icelandic nature and the history of preservation and survival food. The price of the experience is 16.900 kr per person. There is a beverage pairing that is included in the price of the experience. You can either choose to enjoy our house-made non-alcohol pairing or a curated wine pairing.


16. Cafe Berlin

If you are seeking a tasty brunch option then stop by Cafe Berlin. Berlin opened in November 2015 and has been serving light and healthy dishes ever since. They are known for their scrumptious brunch, excellent coffee, and good atmosphere.

Try their crispy waffles drenched in syrup or healthy avocado toast. Pair a handcrafted coffee with one of their homemade pastries. We couldn’t think of a better way for you to start your day in Akureyri.


17. Kurdo Kebab

Want to grab something quick and appetizing? Then make a stop at Kurdo Kebab. This is a local favorite for healthy and appetizing Greek grab-and-go food. Order a Wrapped Shawarma which has rice, marinated chicken, or lamb in Kurdo spices, tomato, cucumbers, red onion, mixed salad, and Kurdo garlic sauce.

Their hummus is a crowd favorite and one of the best things on their menu. We recommend giving the Hummus Plate your attention. It includes hummus chicken or lamb, tortilla bread, mixed salad, tomato, red onion, cucumber, Kurdo garlic sauce, and spicy sauce. They also have a variety of pizzas and sandwiches for you to try!

18. Mulaberg Bistro & Bar

Lit restaurant room where you can see beautiful round tables, cozy space

The list would not be complete without the gorgeous restaurant of Mulaberg Bistro & Bar. Which is located in Hótel Kea by Keahotels. Their menu is bright and luxurious at the same time. Pick a dish from their Steak and Lobster menu. The Rock Lobster has bell pepper salsa, white wine sauce, and garlic. You can also try the Beef Tenderloin which has onion purée, celery root, parsnip, and red wine glaze.

Their appetizer list is quite extensive with both regular and grand appetizers. This includes Duck Breast served with pumpkin sweet potato gratin, thyme, and orange glaze.

Feeling adventurous? Then try the Múlaberg's Surprise Menu. It is a 6-course experience with all the best their kitchen has to offer for just 10.990. You can even add a wine pairing for 8.990 kr. pr. Person. In addition to this, they also offer Tasting Menus and Luxury Menus.

An ideal place to have a flavorful meal in a captivating setting.