Hyundai H1

Model: 2017 - 2022


Automatic Transmission


6 large bags
1 small bag
8 Passengers


Air Conditioning
USB Charger

When driving in Iceland, from one spectacular natural scenery to the next, many believe “the more, the merrier” when it comes to your traveling companions. If that is indeed the case then the Hyundai H-1 8-seater is an absolute festival. Not only does it embrace a sizeable entourage but there is also plenty of space left for luggage. Do you need further recommendations? The H-1 has sold well over 10.000 units in the last 8 years and is the segment leader based on sales.

The elevated driving position, a steering wheel featuring multi-function controls, an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity and accessible sliding doors on both sides are some of the reasons for the Hyundai H-1’s immense popularity. There is also climate control, with the cooling extending all the way to the glove box. Electrically folding side mirrors facilitate maneuvering this spacious car into tight parking spots. The electronic stability control system and side airbags are among the Hyundai H-1’s impressive safety features which one must consider when driving an entourage of eight persons.

The Hyundai H-1 is a fun car to drive, thanks to a lively diesel engine with surprising torque. The five-speed automatic transmission is a smooth performer and contributes to the comfortable ride quality that makes H-1 a very pleasant long-distance cruiser, and thus an obvious Iceland car rental option of this size. The cabin is remarkably quiet as well.

When large groups reach out to Iceland car rental outlets, it is imperative that the vehicle offers all occupants stretch-out legroom. The Hyundai H-1 does that and also offers ventilation outlets all around. The superior drivability and economy provided by the diesel engine are also significant contributors to the vehicle’s immense appeal.

If these are the traits you are looking for in your Iceland car rental, then you should rent a Hyundai H1 in Iceland.

Hyundai H1 is not allowed on F-roads (highlands) in Iceland.

Technical Data

Fuel Type


Fuel Consumption

9 l/100km | 31 mpg

Fuel Tank

75 l | 20 gal

Fuel Range

880 km | 547 mi


238 g/km


170 PS | 125 kW

Luggage Space

842 l | 30 ft3



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