Guide to hiking in Reykjavík

Hiking is a great way to explore some of the amazing scenery that Iceland has to offer and can be done without extensive travel from Reykjavík.

With wide selections between easy one hour hikes or challenging full day hikes you‘ll be able to find something that suits your needs and capability without any troubles.

One of the easier walks you can do is a trip around one of many lakes around Reykjavík with surroundings of astonishing nature, peace and quite, Hvaleyrarvatn, Elliðavatn and Rauðavatn to name a few.

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Rauðavatn – The red lake at sunset

All lakes are an easy access and a short bus ride away anywhere within the Reykjavík Area. A good way to find the quickest bus ride to the hike of your choice is using

They all have the same things in common, surrounded by wooded land and comfortable walking routes.

A more advanced hike would be taking on Helgarfell or the Holy Hike, located right out side the suburbs of Reykjavík – surrounded by lava fields and green places with a view to Bláfjöll or The Blue Mountains, which also happens to be a beautiful mountain range to have in mind when thinking of hikes or skiing if you‘re visiting during winter time.


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A similar hike would be Úlfarsfell, like Helgarfell it‘s right out side Reykjavík and very reacheble with the public bus system. Standing at 296 meters and depending on the weather and visibility views all the way to Reykjanes peninsula and Snæfellsnes peninsula.


With all kinds of craters and caves hidden around - Bláfjöll should be on your Hiking bucket list, it‘s easy to spend hours and hours exploring the area which is rather easy to get to – only 30 minutes by car along route 1 untill the very last bit.


 For our next recommendation a 4x4 would come in handy, with curvy visual roads and beautiful scenery leading you to Nesjavellir Area, a geothermal area filled with hiking trails and abnormal surroundings you won‘t be dissapointed.

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The road to Nesjavellir

Have in mind, road 435 leading you to Nesjavellir does close during the winter months.

Even if being very close to the Capital area, these two itineraries do require some knowledge of the mountain environment but minimal physical preparation.

If you‘re looking for a bit of more challenge, Mount Esja is the perfect spot, located right out side of Mosfellsbær. Since it‘s not a single mountain but a mountain range, you‘ll have plenty of paths to hike and peaks to reach with different characteristics and levels of difficulty.

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Full caution needs to be taken, always check the weather before hand and evaluate what conditions you’re about to hike in – we do not recommend hiking in foggy weather nor during the harshest winter months.