Iceland's Hidden Gems

iceland north coast

Iceland's South coast is a popular region in Iceland, and for a good reason; however, there is much of Iceland’s beauty still to be seen. As you drive along Iceland’s East coast heading North, a great detour to make is to drive Oxi Pass, or route 939. Considering it’s one of Iceland’s most scenic roads, be prepared to pull off whenever you get a chance as you will be surrounded by stunning waterfalls and peaceful tranquility. The route requires a 4WD vehicle and can only been driven in the summer time, unfortunately it gets closed off during winter months.

iceland south coast

When traveling in the north, two spots to add on your list of stops are the Myvatn Nature Baths and Dynjandi. Although Iceland offers countless hot springs to you free of charge, the Myvatn Nature Baths offer the iconic blue water most tourists are seeking to take a photo in at a price far less than the Blue Lagoon.

dynjandi waterfall iceland

Dynjandi, a waterfall located near Iceland’s Westfjord’s region, is off the popular Ring Road which people use to take around Iceland. Unfortunately, I stumbled on this location during the late evening while chasing the northern lights, so I was unable to snap a high quality photo that truly captures the beauty of this waterfall. Regardless, Dynjandi is an easy hike to reach and a must-see while exploring Iceland’s natural beauty.

Article written by Salim Al-Shatel 
Travelled with Go Car Rental in September 2017