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he Dacia Duster and Suzuki Jimny parked side by side, showcasing their distinct off-road capabilities

Dacia Duster vs Suzuki Jimny: A Comprehensive Comparison

Discover the key differences between the Dacia Duster and Suzuki Jimny, two popular off-road vehicles. Compare features, performance, and design to help you decide which one is the best for you

So you are ready for a road trip around Iceland. Your plane ticket is booked and your itinerary is ready to go. Now you have to choose what car best fits your adventure.

The two top rental cars in Iceland are the Dacia Duster and the Suzuki Jimny. We are going to discuss what makes them different and what type of road trip they are designed for. 

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster, a product of the Romanian manufacturer, has been a favorite for those seeking a budget-friendly yet robust vehicle.

Dacia Duster rental car in Iceland

Let’s talk about the most popular rental car first, the Dacia Duster. The Duster can comfortably fit up to four people but it is also perfect for two. The 411 liters luggage space provides plenty of room for suitcases and camping supplies.

The car is fuel efficient which is another reason it is a traveler's favorite. With Iceland’s gas prices being relatively high compared to other countries, the Duster is a fantastic cost-saving option. 

We recommend this car to those looking to explore the open road. If you are planning on taking Ring Road then this vehicle is for you. Save some money on fuel while having plenty of room for yourself and your things. The average cost of the Dacia Duster is € 63 pr. Day.

Key Features

  • Spacious interior
  • Advanced infotainment system
  • Impressive fuel efficiency

Performance Metrics

  • 0 to 60 mph in 10.5 seconds
  • Average of 40 mpg
  • 115 horsepower

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Budget-friendly, spacious interior, modern design.
  • Cons: Less F-road capability than the Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny, on the other hand, is a Japanese masterpiece known for its off-road prowess.

Suzuki Jimny rental car in green Iceland

With the Suzuki Jimny being one of the most sought 4X4 vehicles in the entire world, it is no wonder why it may be on our minds. This is the most ideal adventure car when visiting Iceland. If you are planning to hit F-roads to remote trailheads or camp off the beaten path then consider this vehicle.

It is also an elegant vehicle, offering improved handling and traction. It is equipped with a new and more powerful 1500cc engine that can produce 102hp, generating that extra bit of torque when you need it to tame Iceland’s terrain.

Do remember that off-roading in Iceland is illegal, but don’t worry there are plenty of hidden locations you can still explore.

This car best fits two people and has a decent amount of luggage space, 85 liters / 377 liters / 830 liters. It is good on gas as well with a fuel range of 500k or a little over 300 miles. The average cost of the Suzuki Jimny is from € 104,00 pr. day.

Now that you know the difference between the vehicles you can decide which one fits your itinerary the best. If you still have questions you can contact us with us and we can help you make the right decision. Either way, you truly cannot go wrong between these two amazing adventure automobiles.

Key Features

  • Compact design ideal for city driving
  • Four-wheel drive as standard
  • Retro-modern aesthetics

Performance Metrics

  • 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds
  • Average of 35 mpg
  • 100 horsepower

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Excellent F-road capability, unique design, compact size.
  • Cons: Less spacious, slightly higher price.

The Verdict: Which One to Choose?

If you're looking for a budget-friendly, family car with modern aesthetics, the Dacia Duster is your pick. But if off-road adventures and a unique design are what you're after, the Suzuki Jimny won't disappoint.


Both the Dacia Duster and Suzuki Jimny offer exceptional value in their own right. Your choice will ultimately depend on your priorities, be it budget, design, or F-road capabilities. Either way, you're in for a treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car is more fuel-efficient?

The Dacia Duster, with an average of 40 mpg, is more fuel-efficient than the Suzuki Jimny.

Which car is better for F-roading?

The Suzuki Jimny, with its standard four-wheel drive, is better suited for off-roading.

How many passengers can each car accommodate?

The Dacia Duster can comfortably seat up to 5 passengers. For the Suzuki Jimny, the automatic version can seat up to 5 passengers, while the manual version accommodates 2 passengers.

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